Train with Kelsey | female personal trainer Watford


I was a typical sporty kid growing up in the US. My mom and dad would spend their weekends driving me around the state to soccer games, cheerleading, gymnastics and lacrosse. It always seem natural to me to spend my free time doing something physical or playing outdoors.

Throughout University and at the start of my career I got into running but my real love was yoga. I practiced religiously. I mean I would be on the mat seven days a week, pushing my body to do the most complex movements and positions.

Until I started getting serious back pain.

I had just moved to the UK after a career promotion and the role proved to be physically and mentally demanding. I began to notice quite intense pain in my lower back but simply put it down to the stresses of the job. I didn’t have time to deal with it and the pain gradually became worse.

Train With Kelsey | Female personal trainer Watford

I joined a gym basically to give me somewhere to de-stress, but spent my whole time stretching to try to ease my back pain. Thats when I met Ryan, a personal trainer at the gym.

Ryan immediately identified that I had some hyper mobility and imbalance issues. Think super flexible but with limited strength and joint stability. I hadn’t realised that all the positions in my yoga class were making my condition worse!

We started a strength program in the gym and I became hooked.

As I became stronger it was like finding a missing puzzle piece. My cardio fitness was already good and I was flexible but now I could do things I never thought possible. Over time I built up my deadlift to triple figures and started using the heavy dumbbells at the gym. I even found a love for pull ups (who knew?!). 

Most importantly, my back stopped hurting.

No more sharp spikes of pain when bending over. No more wincing as I reached down to pick something off the floor. And no more feeling the need to constantly stretch my lower back and hips to get relief from the pain.

I had a new body. Pain-free, stronger, leaner, and I even started noticing some ab muscles showing.

That summer I quit my job and studied to take my personal trainer qualifications. 

Once qualified, I worked as a personal trainer in a busy London gym. I worked with a broad range of clients such as CEO’s, stay-at-home moms, lawyers, fashion models, and students.

I learned something new from everyone and refined my methods over the years. I gained a reputation for helping men and women get stronger and leaner, while making workouts challenging but fun!

After getting married I soon became pregnant with my first daughter. I continued with my strength training but adapted workouts to accommodate having a passenger on board!

Maintaining my strength and fitness during pregnancy was so important, and made my recovery after labour much quicker and easier.

I teach this message to all my pregnant ladies and new mothers and they continue to reap the benefits of staying fit and healthy right through the nine months and beyond. Looking after little ones requires mental strength and physical fitness as any new parent will tell you!

After becoming a mom for a second time, I now have my own studio in WD25 where I work with clients in a completely private setting.

Since having my girls, I have moved to a meat-free diet both for my own wellbeing and for the future of my kids. I’m a firm believer in the power of plants!

I continue to work with a wide variety of individuals who all want to get stronger, leaner and more empowered inside and outside the gym.

Train With Kelsey | Female personal trainer Watford